As a mother of 5 beautiful daughters; Emily 9, Gracie 8, Callie 6, and 4 year old twins Audrey and Bailey, my joy is watching each individual child grow and develop through play and laughter!

My career began as a Civil Engineer until my first daughter was born. I was blessed with the ability to stay home with all five girls. I have 9 years of hands on training, caring, and developing many skills to teach and equip my children for success. I have spent countless hours volunteering and supporting other preschools and classrooms in the Willamette Valley where I have resided for the majority of my 35 years. I learned quickly that when it comes to the real world a lot of things are expected to fit in the box.

My hope would be that I could give our students the ability to laugh, play, giggle and grow without the constraints of a box. My heart and passion is to teach our students that they are each special individuals that has a purpose and here at Bend YMCA Preschool we want each child to feel loved, respected and encouraged to grow through hands on activities and play!


Hello my name is Lindsay Ann Bidwell I grew up in Los Gatos, California but I have lived in the Bend area for almost 17 years now. I moved to Oregon because of my love for the outdoors and horses. I worked at a dude ranch in Bend for many summers where I met my husband.

I have two children of my own; Noah, who is 6 and Paisley, who is almost 3. My husband of 9 years works on a cattle ranch in Brothers, Oregon. Our family enjoys helping and learning about all aspects of ranching.

In 2006 I attended Eastern Oregon University in LaGrande, to get my masters degree in teaching education. I got into teaching because I enjoy the curiosity and enthusiasm in children and decided that I wanted to be a part of their learning. They are always so eager and excited to learn and explore their minds. I love that children are always willing to dive right in and learn something new.